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Mark Tulloss
March 25, 1966 - September 3, 2019

Mark Tulloss was the kindest, most wonderful, giving, creative, and talented person and has done more for the North Shore music scene than is calculable. His love and passion for music was infectious. He was a conduit for connection – musicians, artists, friends, family, he brought everyone in, never left any one out. He moved through his life giving everything he had, often volunteering time and talent.


Mark coached for his children with the Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles program and continued to coach after they were grown. He was instrumental in changing the policies about women in football when he enrolled his daughter, Melanie, into the program. Both Alexander and Melanie went on the play for the Glenbard West Hitter program. He instilled teamwork and selflessness into every practice. “Strong Minds” was his charge!


As a small business owner of Coffee Cup Productions, Mark used his creative eye for many, capturing and editing video to create lasting impressions. With his partner, Kirsten Kuhlmann, they created a media company that live streamed music to the world, captured highlights of great performances, and launched a music related podcast series that promoted musicians and the music they make.


Mark’s joy, laughter, enthusiasm for life will be missed but never forgotten. His smile will continue to light the hearts of all he knew.


May your beautiful spirit return to a loving and higher place our friend. Your contagious smile and your endearing loving personality will always be embedded in our hearts and in our memory.

Kirsten, Alexander and Melanie Kuhlmann (partner, son, daughter)

Carlos and Allison Tulloss (brother and sister in-law)

James and Ijya Tulloss (father and mother, both deceased 2021)

Dirk Friedrichs (brother from another mother)

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Mark's Song 
by Dave Rappaport

a shooting star
playing bass guitar
on a summer night

a shining light
a groove so tight
it was about love

that was his world 
it was a better world than ours

the smile he shared 
it took you there
a better place

without hate
with love and grace
and only friends

that was his world
it was a better world than ours

so take me there
one more time
in my heart

take us there
you shining star
take us there

up to your world
and its a better world than ours
up to your world
and its a better world than ours

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